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Happy Birthday Dad, Love You Mom!

A Shout-Out of Love to My Parents, Mark and Ruthie, on My Dad’s 86th Birthday. Love you both so much!

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The Name Visual WOW is Why I Got into and Love Photography with Alex Bourquin & Seannie Cameras

A dynamic conversation about mentors and mentees. Seannie Cameras (Visual WOW Podcast, West Coast Producer) brings his mentee Alex Bourquin (Los Angeles City Scape Photographer) to the Visual WOW Podcast for a round table conversation about making your mark in the vast world of photography. Host: Jack Hartzman

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Keep Confidence Up, Stay Authentic, Real and Transformational with David Adler & Jaclyn Bernstein

David Adler, Chairman and Founder at BizBash and Jaclyn Bernstein, President and CEO, Empire Force Events, NYC. A spontaneous, raw, authentic conversation from David’s new living room in NW Washington, D.C.
The history of BizBash, 20+ year relationship between David, Jaclyn and Jack, networking and generating business at a Bris. How BizBash was Founded / Event Super Heroes / Observational Research / Social Physics / MELT / Attack the problem in High School /

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