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Samara, Kellie and Jack

Jack & Co-Host Samara Hurley of ActionistaLIVE have a roundtable conversation with NACE President Kellie Mendoza.

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Mark Zucker, “We’ve become a Boutique Outsourcing Company that can handle any type of job function.”

Outsourcing has long been proven to help businesses of any size get more things done faster, at a lower cost. With a sales office in Chicago and BPO staff in the Philippines, MCVO Talent Outsourcing Services provides outsourced IT, data entry, virtual assistance, digital marketing, and bookkeeping/accounting services that offer not only cost and time efficiency, but topnotch quality as well.

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Aisha Khan & Federico Alessandro Galli – “TOGETHER with BIG News!”

Federico Alessandra Galli Photography
Partners at Galli Productions
LIVE from Milan, Italy
Mentions/Shout Outs:
National Association of Catering and Events (NACE)
Kat Creech Events

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Adam Bultz, “Everyone said, If you build it, They will come!”

Jack and Co-Host Samara Schwartz-Hurley, CEO & Founder of ActionistaLIVE and Adam Bultz, Founder, President & Producer at C3 Events discuss events in 2020 from a Canadian perspective.

Adam and Samara met while they were coordinating the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs’ (CIJA) Words & Deeds Fundraising Dinner Honouring David & Brenda McLean; and sons Sacha & Jason McLean. Event held at Fairmont Pacific Rim, Vancouver, BC, Canada, where their very first Kosher catering event took place.

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