Podcasting RESULTS

Ben Hartley, “Don’t Add Time to Your Decisions!”

Ben is the founder of Style & Story, based in Columbus, OH, and named one of the top 10 wedding photographers in the country in 2017. Ben is the host of the weekly Six Figure Photography Podcast to help inspire, empower & challenge photographers towards creating a life of abundance in joy, meaning & profits.
Ben Hartley will help you get out of your own way and design the life you want to live.
(without wasting years of your life trying)

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Jack Sherman, “From the Second I Pull-Up, I Do NOT Take My Mask Off. Everyone Seems to Understand and We Still Celebrate!”

Jack Hartzman and Monica Vidal interview Jake Sherman, Director of Marketing and Top Ranked Event DJ at The Washington Talent Agency about all facets of growing up in the event world, working for a family business and daily dealings with the fallouts of events during COVID-19.

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Happy Birthday Dad, Love You Mom!

A Shout-Out of Love to My Parents, Mark and Ruthie, on My Dad’s 86th Birthday. Love you both so much!

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