Podcasting RESULTS

Hunter Kieserman, “The Man Behind Our Podcast”

Hunter is a multi-faceted creator and producer from Olney, Maryland. Offering an eclectic sonic experience rooted in hip hop and R&B, his original production is known to favor lush tones, spacey synthesizers, and electronic drums. In addition to his own catalog, his work as a composer and audio engineer has spanned everything from local radio hits to indie film. He has notably appeared as a top disc jockey performer for Washington Talent Agency since 2011, as well as opened for acts such as Snoop Dogg, Wiz Khalifa, and Rico Nasty.

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Hope Katz Gibbs, “This is a Fantastic Time to be thoughtful of what You want to turn back on.”

Hope Katz Gibbs is the president and founder of Inkandescent™ Inc., a national PR, and publishing company she launched in 2008: www.InkandescentPR.com. In the years since, Hope has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs’ supersize their small businesses and reached thousands more through her book, “PR Rules: The Playbook,” available on Amazon at www.PRRulesPlaybook.com.

Hope’s mission in 2021 and beyond is to shine a spotlight on women, help them build their companies, and also create more health and wellness in their lives. So she has re-focused Inkandescent™ to serve female entrepreneurs. She spreads the word about their amazing work through her two online magazines — www.InkandescentWomen.com and BeInkandescent Health & Wellness at www.BeInkandescent.com, which get hundreds of thousands of visits monthly.

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Mina Habibi, “I can talk with somebody and get a feel for their vibe…”

Niching down and how while it’s good in some ways it can also take away the love of what you do in general which leads to …
Doing your business your way vs thinking you have to do it the way others are doing it
And how self-care is the number one must do every single day as a business owner/photographer

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Samara, Kellie and Jack

Jack & Co-Host Samara Hurley of ActionistaLIVE have a roundtable conversation with NACE President Kellie Mendoza.

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