Podcasting RESULTS

John Harrington, “No Picture is worth Life or Limb”

A powerful episode about finding yourself in the middle of an Insurrection at the US Capitol – January 6, 2021.

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Brett Guterman, “The Man Behind the Bag”

Brett Guterman is a Junior at the George Washington University and is the Founder & Chief Executive Officer of OTGbaby Inc. OTGbaby Inc. was born out of a shark-tank style competition at Brett’s high school in 2018. In early 2020, Brett became the sole owner of the company and has since assembled his own management team of five professionals, received a utility patent, launched a successful Kickstarter campaign ,and is continuing to work with his forward-thinking team to bring OTGbaby Inc. to market.

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Marvelless Mark, “I don’t think anyone thought this would be going on a year later…”

Marvelless Mark has been helping businesses achieve Rock Star Results for over 20 years. His wisdom from years of sales, small business and entrepreneurial experience blends in perfect harmony with his success as an internationally touring entertainer, Las Vegas Headliner, reality TV star, and best selling author.
My message these days are how businesses or industry professionals can ” Find Their Way Back”.
We were on tour and selling out arenas and were forced back into garage band status. So how do we get back on tour after a pandemic?
How do we Unleash our Inner Rock Star in the New World as we know it?
How can Drive Change in a Pandemic rather than Ride It?
Why it’s important to seek out unheard-of collaborations?

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