What is VisualWOW?

A play on words:

      VISUAL, adjective

  1. relating to seeing or sight.
    WOW, exclamation
    1. expressing astonishment or admiration.

 Visual = Photographs, WOW = Cool

Visual WOW = Cool Photos!

After more than 30 years as a professional photographer in the LIVE EVENTS industry, Jack Hartzman has learned all of the tricks and tips of the trade. Follow along each week as Jack discusses important topics such as relationship building, scaling your business, and adjusting with the changing industry. No matter your place in the live events world, we all have a “Visual WOW” moment to share.

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Jack Hartzman


Jack Hartzman is a professional photographer with more than 30 years behind his Canon cameras. Jack’s decades of experience in the industry range from portraits and weddings to conferences and live events. He is a coach, mentor, motivational speaker, producer, director, podcaster and all around really good guy.

When not behind the camera or microphone, he plays guitar in a local 80’s band and quite an accomplished home chef. 


Monica Vidal


Monica Vidal is a Photographer, Podcaster, Consultant and Business Coach. She is extremely talented in the art of listening to the human element of problem solving. She has a deep history with ILEA, the International Live Events Association, and the Special Events community and has received multiple awards from both.

Today, she is the backbone of the WTA Photography studio as well as the Visual WOW podcast, along with her partner & husband Jack.

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