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  • For over 30 years, Jack Hartzman and Monica Vidal have been trendsetters and leaders of the Special Events (LIVE Events) industry. Their accomplishments in the advancements of capturing LIVE Event images set a new standard in the 90’s and has only improved in the years since. Their style of mixing event lighting with natural or artificial light has been copied, but never beaten. The people who listen to them, are the people you are trying to reach.  
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  • Appearance on VisualWOW Podcast
  • Guarantee no other ads on your episode
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What Listeners are Saying:

Jack’s a wonderful host , 07/11/2021
Loved being a guest!
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Had a fantastic experience being a guest on this podcast. Jack not only knows photography and events- he knows how to host a winning podcast! Glad to see him sharing his engaging, lively conversations with the world.
Meryl Snow , 06/30/2021
Great Energy
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Jack brings together thought leaders of the event industry. Really enjoyed the podcast.
chad Ricardo , 01/22/2021
Absolutely loved being a guest on the Viz Wow Podcast.
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Jack Hartzman is an amazing host — his topical knowledge mixed with conversational interviewing style allow the setting to be as relaxed as just “catching up with an old friend”. In addition, Hartzman is building a brand, thus not only is the interview fun, but it also serves as a vehicle to introduce you/your product to a Jew audience. Full disclosure, I loved Jack before our interview — I love him even more now 🙌🏽
marzulloassociates , 01/13/2021
Creative Format
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Love this show. Jack brings great energy to every episode!
TheRealRHulsmeyer , 10/16/2020
Event GOLD!
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I’ve listened to the first 20 or so episodes and each has given me insight and inspiration for my own career in the Live Event industry! I have know Jack, Monica and many of their guests for years and I still learn more about all of them listening to these great interviews, stories and conversations. If you are in anyway involved or interested in Live Events, this is a great opportunity for an inside look from the perspectives of true industry leaders!
Jellinport , 09/17/2020
Great listen!! Worth the time!!
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I’m a subscriber of many podcasts and was very excited to see this new podcast come on board. Jack and Monica are a king and queen in the industry and have decided to use their expertise during these difficult times to help others. Episodes ive listened to bring other industry experts to talk about how they have pivoted their business during Covid and how they see the future. Each episode has wonderful lessons, helpful hints and tidbits. I highly suggest if you were in the entertainment and hospitality industry To subscribe.
Googlemop , 09/17/2020
Audio wow too!
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Jack’s humor coupled with his compassionate depth makes this podcast always a worthy listen with his diverse guests! You walk away a better human after listening!
Event Firecracker , 09/16/2020
Informative and Inspiring
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I have known Jack and Monica for over 22 years. They even photographed my wedding 20 years ago!! But I also worked with them on corporate events in NYC. They are well-connected, evolve with improvements in technology and most importantly, a blast to listen to. We can talk for hours and laugh nonstop. I love the variety of featured guests on their podcast. Enjoy learning, connecting and get inspired in our new world of technology and COVID with this podcast.
Kimberly Weitkamp , 08/26/2020
The WOW needed for creatives
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Jack has decades of experiences in the photography industry and is sharing such powerful tips for how to pivot. He's got the business and creative podcast you need to listen to for anyone in the creative industry right now.
Robin O'Donovan , 08/18/2020
A true events pro!
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You'd be hard pressed to find more seasoned event professionals than Jack and Monica, and the fact that they've managed to pivot so beautifully in this industry, during a year when events have plummeted, is awe-inspiring. Don't miss their interviews with event pros on the cutting edge of what is possible now.
L, Jordan , 08/18/2020
Can you say BOOM!
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This is a fun podcast that I am so excited to listen to. The fun appeal is very explosive. The stories are very colorful and provide a dive to the stories of our life. I can’t wait to hear more stories of those a pat of this adaptation, I feel the WOW inspiration. The future is with us.
Zach Dalin , 08/18/2020
Can’t wait to hear more!
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Jack has decades of experience in the event industry. This is a must listen for event pros (photographers, planners, DJs, HMU artists, etc.). Great stuff!
Susan Dascenzi , 08/17/2020
This is definitely a WOW itself!
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I absolutely LOVE the name of this podcast because it's really about how to pivot and shift in this ever-changing world we're now living in! And knowing his experiences, his expertise, the way he views the world through the metaphoric and literal lens, this is truly going to be a WOW for anyone who wants to learn and grow...not just those in specific business industries...business and personal...it's going to be a true WOW indeed! Thank you Jack!
Erica Ross-Krieger , 08/15/2020
Wow What a Welcome!
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Jack's Welcome is a big Wow! If you are an entrepreneur anywhere in the creative or event industry, this is the podcast for you. Stuck because of this pandemic and time in history?, Jack is an inspiration on How to break out of the box of the usual usual and step into new territory. I'm in the coaching industry, but this still makes major sense for me and I'll be listening to more episodes! Loved it!
Homeschoolmom9318 , 08/14/2020
This is going to be a total WOW
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No kidding. I’m so excited to hear more about visual wow and creating those wow moments. After hearing of Jack’s background, I know this is going to be an epic podcast! I’m not a professional photographer but I’m a pretty dang good amateur one. I’ve made the mistake of hiring or not hiring the right photographer for events that needed to have those wow moments captured on film for eternity, and I’ll regret those decisions for as long as I live. I’m looking forward to hearing Jack especially with this ‘new normal’ for the next little while.
DJ Doug Sandler , 08/13/2020
A pros pro. This show takes the industry to the next level
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Whether you want to get event industry content or simply great business advice, Jack Hartzman and Monica Vidal deliver — BIG TIME. Never before has the economics of the events industry been changed so dramatically — this show brings reality to the expression “pivot or perish.” If your livelihood is in events, this is a MUST listen. Well done Jack and Monica! I’m looking forward to hearing Jack especially with this ‘new normal’ for the next little while.