Visual Wow Podcast
Visual Wow Podcast
David Phillips, "Put it in Writing, Create the Plan, Put a Timeline to it, Do Something..."

David Phillips, Phone: 15613126300 



With 30 years of experience primarily focused in the immersive sector, David Phillips is a respected voice and thought-leader, with a track record of impressive results. 

His ability to diagnose problems & identify opportunities, create time and resource sensitive solutions and then operationalize the process has been the linchpin of a successful career.  His engagements include day & overnight camps, college campuses, retreat and conference providers, community centers, synagogues, private & corporate foundations, athletic associations and more formal institutions such as United Way and Jewish Federation. 
Clients gravitate towards his approach which is smart, fair, honest and efficient.  He is proof positive that active listening, knowledge, passion and striving for excellence can result in extraordinary outcomes. 

Along with his trademark (British) sense of humor, David brings a relaxed nonetheless focused approach to even the most complex issues.  In all his endeavors his belief in people as positive change agents for community has remained constant.  As a consultant this remains his motivation, to engage with good people and build strong communities.

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