Visual Wow Podcast
Visual Wow Podcast
LA Photo Party: Vivi, Director Software Sales

LA PHOTO PARTY is an experiential photo entertainment company that specializes in photo activations at events and manufactures photo booths and photo booth software. Since 2007, LA Photo Party has partnered with some of the largest CORPORATE and PRIVATE event planners worldwide, constantly being challenged to develop the latest in immersive activations. LA Photo Party pioneered the first event photography sharing software, Photo Party Upload, in 2011, which is now used by nearly 3,000 photographers around the world. From there LA Photo Party created the world’s first Underwater Photo Booth, the world’s first photo booth software that includes Virtual Reality, and the INFINITE booth, winner of 2016’s and 2017’s “PHOTO BOOTH OF THE YEAR.” LA Photo Party now operates out of LOS ANGELES + NEW YORK CITY + DALLAS + LONDON.


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