Visual Wow Podcast
Visual Wow Podcast
Las Vegas is Dark - Try a Virtual Game Room by Gary Bordman, CIO, AE&ES

Gary Bordman is the Chief Interactive Designer and driving force of Amusement, Exhibit & Event Services in Las Vegas. He has focused on delivering innovation in the event and trade show industry with his process of rethinking and developing ideas. With over 20 years in the industry he has conceptualized, created, and executed events for some of the largest companies in the world. Bring on COVID-19 and everything changes or did it? Taking time to evaluate what would or would not work in the Virtual & Hybrid area, he launched This offers his clients unique options that provide them “In Real Life” event experiences.

AE&ES is known for the extra-unordinary. Game shows to Battleship, Interactive Rides to Casino Table. Ask about their Premiere Game Show Host!

Best known for his social channels that ALL begin with JUST CALL GARY

Other Important Topics: SEARCH Foundation and LIVEEventsCoalition





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