Visual Wow Podcast
Visual Wow Podcast
Rescheduling & Refunding: BTS with Robert Sherman & Shana Lang

In a business setting, Robert Sherman would tell you that he is the drummer in a well known area variety band called ONYX. To others he might tell you that he is the CEO of the Washington Talent Agency, but what he will almost NEVER tell you is that he is also Lawyer and CPA. His insight about today’s event challenges is eye-opening and spoken without pause. When Mr. Sherman speaks, people should listen, he is seldom wrong.

Shana Lang is Visual WOW’s first repeat guest. We always appreciate her candor and real-world understanding about how clients are dealing with rescheduling events and helping others plan new events. Her experience of more than 20 years at WTA makes her a true industry leader in her field.

Hot Topics:

  1. Dealing with client refunds
  2. Rescheduling policies – we’re all in this together! 
  3. WTA’s NEW Virtual Event Division
  4. Planning events for 2021 and beyond
  5. Smaller events that are still happening – don’t cancel!

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